KURITA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has consistent system of molding. We are customer creed manufacturing company.

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about KURITA

corporate philosophy
Kurita Industrial has been expanding business starting from Foundry, then Machining and Assembling to get higher technology with flexisibility. Of course each department can do their own production but our advantage is that we can make the best production plan depends on each products. For instance, casting > machining > assembly or casting > machining, and machining > assembles. The production line is called "Free transforming line” which is constructed according to the user needs.

We can reply to any kind of request such as quick delivery and high quality from our customer by total Kurita production system.

We want to be "An excellent production line" that can answer customer's needs surely based on our policy "Customer is the most important for us."

For those situation, we will make our best effort to be a special group which is proposal type and has excellent technique and global sense.

corporate profile
Company name Kurita Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address Main office 2-2-1Kuniyoshida Suruga-ward,
Shizuoka-city, Zip-code:422-8004
Daito factory 29-32 Kamihijikata Industrial park
Kakegawa-city, Zip-code:437-1432
Capital ¥96,000,000
Flotation 1949.06
Employees 60
Director Chaiman Takeo Kurita
President Tetsuya Kurita
ExecutiveManaging director Yoshisada Nakajima
Managing director  
Company activities cast iron manufacturing and annealing / machining and assembly of various industrial machines
Bank Shizuoka credit union
Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business Shizuoka branch
Area Headquarters 7,539m2/Daito factory 21,431m2

history of KURITA

1949  Kurita foundry has been established with the production of cast iron and alloy casting.

1962 The company name has been changed to Kurita Industrial Co., Ltd.

1963 The machining department has been started.

1965 Die making department has been started.

1981 Expand foundry area and start No-bake furan molding system.

1988 Stop die making department, start Assembling department.

2003 Start new machining department at Kakegawa.

2006 Start new foundry at Kakegawa.

     2010  Tetsuya Kurita became a president.

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