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KURITA brand

ISOKurita Industrial co., Ltd. acquires ISO9001-2000 in 2003 and makes an effort to the quality improvement in all companies every day.

Products produced by our quality management system get absolute confidence of the customer though the brand of "KURITA" never attaches to the product.

foundty department

The most important point for the product is surely constructed in the decision of the best casting design by making good use of the solidification simulation system(*1).

Moreover, the count backing analysis device(*2) is used and real-time management is executed to the liquid metal management.

KURITA has built original "Production process control system" which is the best for our workshop, it is not standard "Production management system" those we can see anywhere. Our system, it is of course possible to manage quantity of production and quantity of stock. Important point is " This is an intelligent type system".
From pattern set to shake-out, this system can manage and control with the best situation.

鋳造部 鋳造部

*1: The solidification simulation system:
The shape of the cast metal is produced with CAD etc.
The occurrence of the defect such as shrinkage cavity to the article of cast metal is forecast on the desk before the real production.

*2: The count backing analysis device
It is included in the article of cast metal in the element analysis device on a metallic inside at within 15 seconds not only 5 elements (C, Si, Mn, P, and S) but also the analyses such as other trace elements and nitrogens are possible.

*3: Production process control system
It is set that the process until the product can be done from the time of be put the pattern on the line is done on the best condition, and it is in real time control system that we can know what is on each plate anywhere , and we can produce with the best situation where main equipment in the process can recognize what is located in front them.

Main equipment for foundry department
Mixer for FL area and FM area (60 ton/HR )

Mixer for Core making (15ton/HR, 8ton/HR)
manipulator for Stripping
manipulator for painting
manipulator for closing
vibration table
drying furnace
Fast loop molding line 3600x3000
6ton high frequency electric furnace
automatic material feeding car (3ton/charge)
count backing analysis device
QC recorder
shot blasting machine 3000x3000x7000
annealing furnace
dust collector
vertical storage 3ton/each cell
and 25ton/each cell
machining department

In the machining department, the machining is done with modern type large-scale machining center, six palette turning center etc.

The quality control is executed to the processing accuracy demand at a high level from the customer making the best use of the execution of a thorough analysis of the machine, the person, the material, and the method based on the quality management system.

The machine performance plus, and enough man's sensibility are very important. Not only the meeting with the customer but the meeting of the in-house processing plan with foundry department and assembling department is one of the most important factor of the quality-making by Kurita Industrial Co., Ltd.

機械部 機械部

Main equipment for machine shop at DAITO
...Under Construction

Main equipment for machine shop at SHIZUOKA
...Under Construction
Assembling Department

Kurita Industrial Assembling Department is chiefly assembling various industrial machines including the printing machine for newspaper assembly.

The most important thing in assembly is confirmation work over the detail when assembling it to say nothing of the accuracy of each part. The confirmation work in the bolt tightening work etc. observes the decided rule based on the quality management system, and efficient work is done.

The meeting of elaborate meeting at the time of the design of the casting with the customer and the processing is the indispensable one to improve efficiency and the quality of assembly.

製造部 製造部

Main equipment for assembly shop at SHIZUOKA
...Under Construction
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