KURITA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has consistent system of molding. We are customer creed manufacturing company.

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Kurita Industrial Co., Ltd. appreciate everyone's help and kindness, especially people from the local community.
We believe that there are humble contributions that we could make.
These are our action for society.

Traffic safety campaign

Setting the sign for traffic safety

It agrees to the campaign for the traffic accident prevention, the signboard is set up on the wall outside the Shizuoka factory, and it is appellate to the vehicle and the people in the root 1 in national road line.

Office fund-raiser

Japanese Red Feather Community Chest

All regions in not only our country but also the world are put from the viewpoint of international society on view, we try to rescue by participating contribution campaign.

Japanese Red Feather Community Chest

plan of csr
Open our factory to the vicinity
Our factory is opened to the vicinity residents, we introduce our usual production activity and introduce some opportunity where we can find our product in the world. I want to introduce you how to make our products and have the evening party.

Cleanup activity
Joining some activities such as clean-up activity of the factory surrounding area positively.
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