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process of casting
what is casr iron?

What is cast iron?Do you know iron?

The only difference between those, cast iron has some other material. You may consider cast iron have better feature than iron because it has some other material.

Well, you can see cast iron easily around you. Sukiyaki pan and the cap of manhole are cast iron, the engine of the car is also made by cast iron. Some toy, for example, some of figure of monster are also made by cast iron.

how is cast iron made?

How is cast iron made? Let me explain easily.
Have you made ice candy bar in refrigerator?

Let’s make ice candy like this.

1. get glass and juice ready
Freeze a glass of juice in refrigerator.

take out the ice candy
Take out ice from the glass after freezing.
That's all!

You can make any shape of ice candy if you use the shape of glass which has the shape you desire.

If you use the glass which shape is car, your ice candy has the shape like a car.

When we make cast iron, We use melted metal with 1500 ℃ instead of juice, We use sand, instead of glasses.


What is the feature of casting?
1 Any complex shape can be done on earth.
2 Castings are used in our daily life.
3 The recycling industry to which a metallic resource is dissolved again.

Casting is the super material

Cast iron is a material that was able to hold balance hardness and tenacity.
It is easy to machine even if it is hard because composite materials of iron and carbon and has an excellent character not to be seen in other iron. It is used for various usages because the reason that should be cast iron is there.

It is carbon to determine the character of the cast iron. This carbon decreases the vibration (generation of the sound), and the role of the lubricant is prevented from wear-out . A definite reason why cast iron is used for the brake equipment where sound is not allowed for automobile and ships, there is carbon. Additionally, the character (heat resistant and strength in corrosion) has raised the utility value of the cast iron.

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